Mountain Biker & Calilegua



trips on 4×4 & MOUNTIAN BIKE

Unmissable trips, which we do in the of Calilegua National Park by bike
The most exuberant jungle and wonderful landscapes of Northern Argentina.
Of the 1700mts and accompanied by a guide, the walks and descent from the Monolito that begins the Calilegua Park on Mountain Bike begins.
The section consists of walking 25km with magnificent views, making technical and photographic stops.

Clear dates


Circuit with approximate schedules:
-07: 00 hs: We leave by car from Tilcara to Calilegua National Park
(We went to look for him by the hotel according to his program).
-10: 30 hours: we checked in and entered Calilegua Park to visit.
-12: 30 pm: Picnic lunch.
-14: 00 hs: We start our activities in Bicycles.
-15: 00 hs: Arrival at the viewpoint of Las Colenas where to take the best photos of the jungles.
-16: 30 hs: arrival at the San Lorenzo viewpoint to take photos and refreshment.
-17: 00 hs: Arrival at the river Aguas Negra, Ledesma
-19: 00 hs: arrival in Tilcara Departure to Tilcara.
* Tentative schedules