Calilegua National Park & hiking


Program: 1 day
Route: 320 km
Period: All year
Minimum group: 2 people.
Difficulty Level: Medium
Duration: from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Includes: 4×4 transfer, according to Trekking, Pic. Nic O Box Lunch., Fruits., Guide, Local with Experience, VHF Radios., GPS., First aid kit.

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It is a 1 day excursion, leaving and returning to the city of S.S. de Jujuy: To visit the Calilegua National Park, it is located 320 km. from the city of S.S. Jujuy, and to it you can make departures of one or more days. If you want to know the park well, you can walk along paths that go from the mountain range to the Montana jungle.

We leave early to take advantage of the day, we will arrive around 10:00 at the park where we will receive a park ranger to take the data and give visitors an institutional brochure with general information about the PN. And from the entrance. The plan of the day is to travel different paths of different difficulty, depending on the group. There are some very simple and low difficulty preserves such as Momota and Herradura that leave from Camping Aguas Negras and other more complex ones such as La Lagunita Trail with a couple of hours duration or descend to the river through the Tataupá trail. If the walks were enough, we continue by vehicle passing through some places of spectacular incredible panoramic views of the jungle, until we reach the Mesada de las Colmenas, another post of the Park Ranger. At noon we will have lunch at a Box lunch or picnic and at approximately 3:00 pm we will begin the return to the city of Jujuy by the same way that we would go, in approximately 2 hours of travel.
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