San Francisco Volcano


Program: 9 days / 8 nights.
Start: In the city of Fiambala.
Ends: in the City of Fiambala.
Minimum group: 2 people.
Maximum group: 8 people
Time: March – April – October – December.
Difficulty: Medium – High.
Ascent Route: Normal. (Ask for another route).

Clear dates


Trekking & Ascent of height. Catamarca Lands of Great Heights. San Francisco Volcano 6.036mts.
In the Cordillera de los Andes in the province of Catamarca, large volcanoes, Nevados Cordilleranos, which have a height greater than 6000mts. That has been called the ROUTE OF THE SEISMILES. We choose the SAN FRANCISCO VOLCANO of 6.036mts, to develop the program and to enjoy the incredible landscapes that we offer. We propose in this outing not only to know its beauty, but to start in the High Mountain and live an unforgettable experience with a series of previous ascents with the idea of ​​acclimatizing for our main objective.

Day 01: Fiambala:
Meeting in the morning and presentation of the Guides
Night in Fiambala.

Day 02: Fiambala – Chaschuil:
Free morning, afternoon transfer 2 hours to El Refugio de Chaschuil (2,850mts.)
(BXL, M, C) night at 2,850mts. (On this day there is no physical activity only transfer in 4×4 of 1hs with stops included)

Day 03: Acclimatization Trekking:
First Trekking and ascent to Cerro Chaschuil 3,750mts. 5 hours approx. in total until the summit
(On this day there is physical activity and we are in full contact with nature) (D; BXL; M; C) night at 2,850mts.

Day 04: Chaschuil Refuge – Las Grutas Refuge + TREKKING:
Transfer in the 4×4 and second acclimatization Trek in the Cerro Falso Morocho 4,640mts.
(On this day there is a transfer of 2 hours and physical activity of 4 hours) (D; BXL; M; C) night R Grottos at 4,050mts.

Day 05: Acclimatization Trekking:
Trekking to the volcano at 5,350mts. Where we will see the progress of acclimatization thinking about the main objective, (On this day a 4×4 transfer of 1hs and physical activity of 7hs. Approx.) (D; BXL; M; C) night R Grottoes at 4,050mts .

Day 06: Free day
It’s a day we take a break from the days
(On this day there is no physical activity) (D; BXL; M; C) night R Grottoes at 4,050mts.

Day 07: Las Grutas – Base Camp:
Transfer up to 4,900m. trekking to camp 1 at 5,250m.
(Depending on the physical state, this day will be approximately 3 to 4 hours) (D; BXL; M; C) night camp 1 5,250mts.

Day 08: Summit Attack:
Attack on the summit of San Francisco Volcano 6.050mts.
(Approximately 8 hours of ascent and descent trekking and a 4-hour transfer to Fiambala) (D; BXL; M; C) night in hotel.

Day 09: Extra Day of the Expeditions.
(For bad weather or to acclimatize) Or (to visit in Aguas de Termas de Fiambala complex)

Notes: 1 or 2 more days must be provided either due to weather conditions or necessary for acclimatization.
The Role of the Guides:
The work of the Guides implies leading the group and supervising the needs of each of the clients, permanently ensuring security and trying to maximize the chances of succeeding in the Expedition. They will also be in charge of deciding, or modifying the itinerary or uspender some activity for some climatic cause or of any other nature, justifying in favor of the safety of the members of the group.