Llullaillaco Volcano


Program: 15 days / 14 nights
It begins and ends: In the city of SS de Jujuy.
Minimum group: 2 people
Maximum group: 8 people
Time: November – December.
Difficulty: Medium – High.
Ascent Route: Normal.

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It is located in the heart of the Atacama Desert, in the department of Los Andes, province of Salta. It has a height of 6,739 meters, only 220 meters less than the summit of Aconcagua. This summit is the tallest Inca sacrificial altar ever found. This expedition will take you through the largest plateau in America, where the immensity of the landscape gives space to the infinite variations of colors, completely away from civilization.

Day 1: Jujuy / Trek! Closed Black 3,600mts. / Tilcara:
Transfer of 2 hours and trekking of 5 hours at a height of 3,350 meters.
Night at Tilcara hotel. 2,450mts. (BXL)

Day 2: Tilcara / Alfarcito:
Transfer 3 hours and trekking reaching 4,550mts. 4 hours,
Overnight at hotel San Francisco de Alfarcito 3,550mts (BXL; C;)

Day 3: Trek to San Gerónimo Volcano 4.950mts:
Acclimatization trekking, to San Gerónimo volcano 4950mts. That will take us about 3 hours of ascent.
Night at camp 4200mts. (D; BXL; M; C 🙂

Day 4: Summit Attack:
Trekking and ascent to the base camp of the 5531m Volcano, train to the Clouds.
Night at camp 4,200m. (D; BXL; M; C 🙂

Day 5: Tuzgle / Tolar Grande.
Transfer to Tolar Grande and tour the surroundings and organize the team
This day there are no activities just rest. Tolar Grande night. (D; BXL; M; C).

Day 6: free in Tolar Grande:
Rest and preparation of equipment and short walks.
Night in Tolar Grande

Day 7: Tolar Grande – Llullaillaco Base Camp
We transfer in the 4×4 Tolar Grande to the base camp of Llullaillaco at 4,850m. On this day there is no activity, only transfer and rest from the previous day. Camp Night (D; BXL; M; C).

Day 8: Portage to Field I.
Porting to the camp at 5,500m. Depending on the physical state, this day will be approximately 6 or 8 hours approx. Night in Camp (D; BXL; M; C).

Day 9: free day at base Camp
Night in Camp (D; BXL; M; C).

Day 10: Base Camp – Field
Depending on the physical state, this day will be approximately 6 or 8 hours approx. Night in Camp
(D; BXL; M; C).

Day 11: Field I – Field II
We ascend to camp II. It will be mounted at 6,100 meters. 7hs approx.
Night in Camp (D; BXL; M; C).

Day 12: Summit – descent – camp 1
Attack I will try the summit at 6,732mts. If the accompanying time is reached after noon. Mountaineer Summit Night in Campo II or the base. (D; BXL; M; C).

Day 13: Base Camp – Tolar Grande
We begin the return to Tolar Grande. To rest and relax. Night at El Refugio. (D; BXL; M; C).

Day 14: Tolar Grande – Salta
Tolar Grande, Santa Rosa de los Pastos Grandes, Salta: Salta (D: BXL; M; C). End of services.

Day 15: extra day of the Expedition.

Notes: 1 or 2 more days must be provided either due to weather conditions or necessary for acclimatization.
The Role of the Guides:
The work of the Guides implies leading the group and supervising the needs of each of the clients, permanently ensuring security and trying to maximize the chances of succeeding in the Expedition. They will also be in charge of deciding, or modifying the itinerary or suspend any activity due to some climatic cause or of any other nature, justifying in favor of the safety of the group members.